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Roof Repair

Axis Waterproofing can install and repair both TPO and EPDM single-ply commercial roofing systems and SBS (two-ply, torch on) systems. EPDM systems (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) are renowned for their durability and are found widely on commercial buildings with low slope roofs.

TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) roofs are available in a wide assortment of colours, are flexible, and damage and moss/algae resistant. They’re a good long term, single-ply roofing solution for many commercial buildings.

SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) roofing is an extremely durable, two-ply torch on roofing system suited to flat or low slope roofs. Using this specific type of asphalt, which is designed to withstand the elements long term, is a good way to keep your large commercial building’s roof sound and waterproof for a very long time.

All of our installers are friendly experts, fully trained and certified in commercial and residential, torch on, roof repair. When we manage your project, we pay attention to detail so that the entire experience from initial consultation to final cleanup is enjoyable.


When it’s time to think about replacing the roof on your apartment/condo building or townhouse complex, we begin with an initial assessment, providing you with a complete report that spells out all of your options, and includes a clear description of our recommendations.

As we remove your old roofing system, we take all of the necessary steps to ensure the ground and the environment surrounding your commercial building stays clean and uncluttered.

Your new roof installation will be a controlled and orderly process. That system (whether it’s TPO, EPDM, or SBS) is designed and installed to provide long term benefits to your investment.

Most commonly, re-roofing involves removing an older inferior product and replacing it with a much better roof, lasting 20-30 years. To back this up, we provide a 15-year material warranty and 10-year workmanship warranty on your new roof.


A regular maintenance schedule is a small but important step to maximizing the longevity of your condominium or townhouse roof. We perform inspections for most of our strata clients twice a year, once leading into winter, then again in the middle of the rainy season to make sure things are going well.

The first step in your maintenance routine is an initial inspection. We take the results of this inspection and put them together in a clear, easy to read, report that includes recommendations you may want to implement (some right away, some further on down the road).

Our report also estimates how much life your roof has left in it, and it provides other important information, including how much debris is being collected, and whether drains are getting plugged or are prone to plugging.

It also pinpoints any deficiencies in the current system, includes a roof diagram and analysis, as well as a restoration plan to fix any issues.

You can choose the maintenance plan that works best for you. We can provide preventative maintenance for your drainage and roofing systems, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Our clients, including many strata and property management companies, are reaping the benefits of being proactive. The bottom line is easy to read. You get more life out of your roof by taking the often simple steps to maintain it.


We install a wide spectrum of sizes and styles of skylights from Velux, to compliment your new or newly repaired commercial or residential roof. Velux is a well-known company that produces innovative, high-quality skylights, and residential and commercial sun tunnels.

Many clients have made vast improvements to their homes and businesses by tapping into the warmth and illumination of natural light. We’ll work with you to discover the best solution for your needs, then order and install your new skylight or sun tunnel.

To learn more about Velux products, see

Strata Projects

Axis Waterproofing has been working together with strata councils and management companies for more than 15 years. From day one we take steps to keep inconvenience to a minimum. This includes doing our job in a timely fashion and keeping your grounds clean.

We also know how to work with committees, including planning every step of your project and clearly communicating those steps to residents.

By being professional and efficient in both project management and workmanship, we are able to meet your strata’s roofing needs in a way that satisfies everyone involved.

Whether you need emergency service and roofing repairs, a completely new roof, or ongoing maintenance, Axis Waterproofing will work with you to find long term solutions tailor-made to your environment and future plans.

Just wanted to let you know that our deck looks amazing! Thanks for doing such a wonderful job! If someone needs a reference, I will be happy to provide.

Kaneez and Hamid Bhimji - White Rock, BC
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